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    The reason why Australians are crazy. オーストラリア人が気違いである理由

    このエントリーを含むはてなブックマーク はてなブックマーク - The reason why Australians are crazy. オーストラリア人が気違いである理由 あとで読む
    Do you know about the racism in Australia?

    The balander (White people) in Australia are cliquish and hate the foreigners.

    Police probe French racism row in Australia - AFP.com

    22 NOV 2012


    Police Thursday were investigating a torrent of threatening and racist abuse against a French woman on a Melbourne bus that was caught on camera and went viral on YouTube.
    The woman and a group of friends were returning from a day at the beach when one of them began singing in her native tongue, which promoted an angry reaction from some passengers on the packed bus.
    One aggressively demanded she "speak English or die" and then threatened to cut her breasts off.
    Another man pushing a pram joined in, shouting that he would knife her.
    The woman was then told: "Everybody on the bus wants to kill you" before the incident ended with a bus window being smashed.
    The woman targeted, Fanny Desaintjores, told The Age newspaper she and her friends were terrified they would be physically assaulted.
    "I realise that maybe we shouldn't sing on public transport, but I think that's insane that they reacted like that. We're all adults," she said.
    "We could have a conversation and talk gently, instead of all these insults and threats."
    In an opinion piece, Fairfax Media said the most disturbing thing was that so few people spoke up in defence of the woman.
    "The majority of passengers were silent and impassive, probably wishing they were elsewhere," it said.
    "A racist, abusive bigot is like sitting next to the smelliest person on the bus -- you hold your breath and count the stops until you can get off."
    Parts of the incident were caught on camera by stand-up comedian Mike Nayna and the footage has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube, with the story picked up by French newspapers.
    Melbourne police said they were investigating "verbal threats and racist taunts towards a group of women travelling on a bus".
    "The incident was reported to police and detectives are appealing for anyone with information to come forward as there were a number of people on the bus at the time," police said.
    Nayna, who describes himself as "brown", says that when he asked the passengers to calm down another man started ranting at him about hating black people.
    "He said darkies should be kept at the back of the bus where they belong, before repeatedly yelling 'I hate blacks'," Nayna told reporters.

    「英語を話さないなら死ね」、豪バスで歌ったフランス人女性に乗客が暴言 国際ニュース : AFPBB News

    【11月22日 AFP】豪メルボルン(Melbourne)の路線バスの車内でフランス語の歌を口ずさんだフランス人女性に対し、複数の乗客が人種差別的な暴言を吐き脅迫する映像が動画共有サイトのユーチューブ(YouTube)に投稿され、地元警察当局は22日、捜査を開始したと発表した。



     標的にされたFanny Desaintjoresさんは豪紙「エイジ(The Age)」に、暴行されるのではないかと思って友人一同震え上がったと話している。「公共交通機関の中で歌うべきではなかったんでしょう。でも、あんな反応をするなんて、正気の沙汰とは思えません。私たちはみんな大人なのですから。侮辱したり、脅したりするのではなく、穏やかに話すことができたはずです」

     この事件について豪フェアファックス・メディア(Fairfax Media)は、女性を助けようとした乗客がほとんどいなかったことが最も憂慮すべき点だと指摘する意見記事を掲載。「大半の乗客は沈黙を守り、見て見ぬふりをしていた」と嘆いた。

     この騒ぎは、たまたま乗り合わせたコメディアンのマイク・ネイナ(Mike Nayna)氏が一部を撮影し、ユーチューブに投稿したことで注目を集めた。映像の再生回数は既に数万回を超え、フランスの新聞も事件を取り上げた。


    動画共有サイトのユーチューブ(YouTube)にコメディアンのマイク・ネイナ(Mike Nayna)氏が投稿した画像に映った、路線バス内でフランス人女性に暴言を吐く男(2012年11月22日撮影)

    Caught on camera: racist Australians abuse girl & smash bus window

    ●白豪主義 (White Australia policy)

    クー・クラックス・クラン - Wikipedia

    クー・クラックス・クラン(英: Ku Klux Klan、略称:KKK)は、アメリカの秘密結社、白人至上主義団体。

    白豪主義 - Wikipedia

    白豪主義(はくごうしゅぎ、英: White Australia policy)は、オーストラリアにおける白人最優先主義とそれにもとづく非白人への排除政策。狭義では1901年の移住制限法制定から1973年移民法までの政策方針を指す。広義では、先住民族アボリジニやタスマニア州のオーストラロイド系住民やカナカ人などのメラネシア系先住民への迫害や隔離など、オーストラリアにおける人種差別主義の歴史全般を指す。


    1920年には、豪政府は先住民族の保護という名の人種隔離政策も行った。これらによりアボリジニ人口は90%以上減少した。1910年頃から1970年代にかけて、アボリジニの子供を親元から引き離し、白人家庭や寄宿舎で養育するという政策も行われた。アボリジニの子供も白人の「進んだ文化」の元で立派に育てられるべきという独善的な考え方に基づくもので、政府や教会が主導して行なわれた。子供のおよそ1割が連れ去られ、結果として彼らからアボリジニとしてのアイデンティティを喪失させることとなった。彼らは「盗まれた世代」(Stolen Generation)と呼ばれている。

    White Australia policy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The term White Australia Policy comprises various historical policies that intentionally restricted non-white immigration to Australia. It came into fruition with Federation in 1901, and the policies were progressively dismantled between 1949 and 1973.

    Competition in the goldfields, labour disputes and Australian nationalism created an environment of racial antagonism during the second half of the 19th century. Such factors led to the passage of the Immigration Restriction Act in 1901, one of the first Acts of the national parliament following federation. The passage of this bill is considered the commencement of the White Australia Policy as Australian government policy. Subsequent acts further strengthened the policy up to the start of World War II. These policies effectively allowed for the privileging of British migrants over all others through the first decades of the 20th century.

    The policy was dismantled in stages by several successive governments after the conclusion of World War II, with the encouragement of first non-British and later non-white immigration, allowing for a large multi-ethnic post-war program of immigration. The Menzies and Holt Governments effectively dismantled the policies between 1949 and 1966 and the Whitlam Government passed laws to ensure that race would be totally disregarded as a component for immigration to Australia in 1973. In 1975 the Whitlam Government passed the Racial Discrimination Act, which made racially-based selection criteria illegal. In the decades since, Australia has maintained largescale multi-ethnic immigration.


    Racist Australia and Terrorist Sea Shepherd:浜村拓夫の世界

    Australia has learnt nothing from history

    Don't forget The Stolen Generation

    100,000 Aboriginal children were taken forcibly or under duress from their families

    The aim was to strip the children of their "barbaric culture", and assimilate them into white Australia

    Australian Gov't didn't see Aboriginals as a civilised race

    Many children were used as slave labor or sex slaves. Some were murderd

    The racist policy continued into the 1970s

    What does "barbaric" mean?


    隣のアボリジニ 小さな町に暮らす先住民 (ちくま文庫)
    上橋 菜穂子